Kids World Of Smiles Services


KIDS WORLD OF SMILES, A Maryland Healthy Smiles Provider of Free Dental Care for Children 0-20 years and Pregnant Women that have insurance with Maryland Healthy Smiles. There are no out-of-pocket costs/copays to families. Schedule 24/7/365 (that's anytime!), just call 443-821-3461 and speak to one of our professional scheduling representative. 48 hours notice requested to make appointment changes. Please provide up-to-date contact #'s where our office can reach you regarding your appointment. Communication is Key!
Services covered include but not limited to:
Dental Exams including School exams and form completion
X-rays Digital Panorex
Simple Extractions
Fillings (white)
One parent is allowed in the treatment room with their child. For the safety of your child and so that we can focus completely on their safety and dental treatment needs, we request no distractions from accompanying family members in the treatment room such as computers, cell phones or talking during dental procedures. Questions/concerns will be addressed before and after treatment. If multiple children come to the dental office, we request a second adult come to supervise children in the waiting area. Due to health code restrictions and safety rules, siblings of the patient or other children as well as disruptive guests will not be allowed in the treatment room. We put your health and safety first!

Start your childrens' dental checkups early! The Maryland Healthy Smiles program recommends parents bring children for their first dental checkupt by age one or when teeth first erupt in the mouth.

" KIDS WORLD OF SMILES, INC". Can't find your Healthy Smiles Insurance card? NO PROBLEM. Call us and we can check your eligibility and benefits for you.*Note: Your Healthy Smiles Card may have a different provider name/ office location HOWEVER this is just a suggested provider so you can schedule with us REGARDLESS of the provider printed on your card. and your dental care is covered! We will help you verify eligible services as well. You just need to go to a dentist in the Healthy Smiles network.


After an initial evaluation your child may require a specialist for more extensive dental treatment .Referrals are provided by us within the Maryland Healthy Smiles provider network including Pediatric specialists that offer sedation, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists and Endodontists.


Forms required by patients such as documents for school, military, work etc will be completed by our dental provider at no charge.We do not provide any forms. It is the patient's responsibility to bring the necessary forms at the time of the appointment. We can not complete forms for patients if the patient has not been evaluated over 6 months time. An new or recall exam must be scheduled for the form to be completed. Forms may be completed the same day,however, as a policy we allow a 7-10 day time period for completion. Let us know when scheduling your appointment if forms will be brought to the appointment.

Office Etiquette

Kids World of Smiles,Inc is a professional healthcare facility providing State- insured care and will not tolerate any anti-social behavior including profanity, rudeness,no-shows, loud or disruptive behavior, disregard for property of KWS in or about the office property or on the phone to any staff, patients, or persons present at the dental office. Persons exhibiting these behaviors will be dismissed from the dental practice and not rescheduled.

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